Pharmaceutical and Food Processing


Pharmaceutical borescope inspections are a common application for companies working with JME Technologies, inc. We have the product, experience, and knowledge to assist you in your borescope needs. Bottling plants, tank inspection, Heat exchangers, storage tanks, sterile areas, pipeline inspection and weld inspection are all common production inspections for pharmaceutical applications. With our scopes, our customers regularly check for porosity, slag, cracks, flaking, rust, and anything else that may inhibit a clean and efficient pharmaceutical production line. Call or contact us now for a quote on a rental, request for quote, or service call.

Food Processing

When quality control is of the utmost importance, nothing is more important than finding the source of any dilute or metal when working with food. Checking and assessing cracks and leaks is just the beginning with NDT for food processing plants, but JME Technologies can and will assist with proper inspection technology to make sure your facility is functioning properly, and safely. Contact us now for a rental, request for quote, or assisted inspection services.

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JME Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of the largest selection of the highest quality borescopes in the industry. The product range includes diameters 0.6mm to 10mm in lengths up to 30m. Hundreds of borescopes are available to match your specific application.


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