Best Borescope Repair Training and Consulting

Jerry Ewert and JME Technologies is a true pioneer and expert with over 35 years providing thousands of direct borescope demonstrations on site.  JME Technologies is again called upon for their expertise and recommendations. Reducing repairs,training new staff,or just solving the most difficult borescope applications JME Technologies has the unique knowledge in the field with an honest, open approach to complete your consulting application. 

Automated borescope systems for automotive applications have been solved from the design to the finished product. Mix and match borescope equipment can be easily set up to be interchangeable. Heavy production borescope inpection requires the most durable equipment to maintain that production line. We will solve this application.

Technical borescope cost benefit analysis. Quality control part inspection percentages.We can make the recommendations with confidence.

Call JME Technologies for all of your borescope training,consulting and problem solving and save thousands in reduced costs.

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JME Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of the largest selection of the highest quality borescopes in the industry. The product range includes diameters 0.6mm to 10mm in lengths up to 30m. Hundreds of borescopes are available to match your specific application.


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