Best Borescope Repair Services in the United States

All scopes are repaired to the highest level of quality and standards at our state of the art repair facility in IL. 

JME Technologies sends a no charge estimate for the repair of your borescope prior to processing the repair.

  • RMA# supplied per request. We supply RMA# ‘S to easily track your borescope repair upon request.
  • Guaranteed repair quality to manufacturers oem specifications.
  • Fast and responsive staff to quickly return the borescope repair to your facility.
  • Loaner borescopes can be supplied to avoid production line or aircraft downtime.
  • Special pricing for repair conversions to new are available.
  • Choose JME Technologies as your borescope repair facility expert and experience the service and repair quality you deserve.

Repairs are performed by us to conform to relevant standards and specifications. Repairs are executed by trained and certified technicians. Borescope repairs are quick, cost effective and performed by experts.

A no cost estimate is provided before any repair process is processed. To start a repair you can start with:


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Repair Request

Please carefully pack your instrument and ship to:

JME Technologies, Inc. Attn: Repairs Department 2520 IL Route176, Bldg. 3 Crystal Lake, IL 60014