JME Automotive Borescope Services

For automotive borescope needs, high production at high quality is always a challenge – top-quality borescope and video is required to check literally thousands of parts in a short period of time. Whether it’s a single high-resolution borescope or online multiple scope inspection system, we provide the highest level of quality with 25 years of expertise.

GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, and hundreds of their suppliers have chosen JME Technologies to solve tough applications. The quality of our products and our overnight service have met and exceeded challenges time and time again.

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By utilizing not only our high image quality but the high and low working temperature, oil and fuel resistance and pressure requirements, JME Technologies is able to provide the industry standard for the term “extreme borescopes”.

Navistar, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Cummins have utilized JME Technologies borescopes for production, field maintenance, and QC. Fuel injectors are often checked with our small thin high resolution scopes magnified with video digital capture to give a complete view of the injector port holes in production or after.

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JME Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of the largest selection of the highest quality borescopes in the industry. The product range includes diameters 0.6mm to 10mm in lengths up to 30m. Hundreds of borescopes are available to match your specific application.


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