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VPD- 8-1500 50 Ft Articulating Video Borescope

The JPC-23 is a robust video borescope push camera system to access pipes in lengths up to 40m long. (66 to 130 feet). It is versatile with interchangeable heads ranging in 23 mm diameter is standard with optional 17 and 28mm. The 23mm camera is IP68 , has 12 white LEDs, 105 degree FOV and focal length of 20-80mm. Cameras are available with and without transmitter, receiver optional.  The portable and lightweight handlheld 7” TFT monitor is battery operated running approx. 7 hours on a single charge making it a tool for the field. Capture full high quality HD images and video. To the onboard SD card (256GB max.) Connect to a larger monitor directly via HDMI cable.

Key Features: Interchangeable cameras
Lengths up to 40m
Records video and still images
Built in transmitter option
Adjustable light intensity
Long charge life 1 year warranty




12mm camera head
1/4 inch sensor size
65o view angle
6pcs white LEDs
Waterproof level: IP68

50mm manual focus camera head
1/3 inch CCD sensor
90o view angle
6pcs white LEDs
Manual focus function
focus distance: 20mm ~ infinite
Self-leveling function
Waterproof level: IP68

23mm HD camera head
1/3 inch sensor
90o view angle
12pcs white highlight LEDs
Resolution: 1280*720 pixels
Waterproof level: IP68

23mm self-leveling camera head
60o view angle
12pcs white highlight LEDs
Self-leveling function
Clearness range: 70~240mm
Waterproof level: IP68

Camera Size: ø23mmX120mm
Sensor size: 1/4 inch
View angle: 105°
Work supply: DC 12V
Camera light: 12pcs white LEDs
Resolution: PAL: 720X576
NTSC: 720X480
Glass material: Sapphire glass
Shell material: Stainless steel
Waterproof: IP68
Cable Wheel
Wheel size: ø330mmX132(h)
Cable material: Fiberglass rod
Cable length: 20m~40m
Cable diameter: ø5.0mm, 4 cores
Input: AC100~240V / 50~60Hz
Output: DC 12.6V / 1000MA
DC plug diameter: 2.1mm
Size: L511XW430XH200mm
Material: Engineering plastics
Color: Orange/green/black
Skid -1 ø40mm
Skid -2 ø80mm
Work supply: DC12V
Storage medium: SD card(max 256G)
SD card reader
DVR total pixels: 720X576 (D1)
Video record(mp4) & picture snap(jpg)
10 levels digital zoom
Microphone Audio record
Stereo earphone output
Monitor size: 7 inch TFT
Monitor pixels: 800X480
OSD language: English
Monitor image reversible
Monitor model: 16:9&4:3
Battery capacity: 4400MAH
Voltage: 12.6V
Charge time: 5 hours
Work time: ≥420minutes


Pharmaceutical / Food Processing