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VPI 3.9-200 Portable Video Probe Interchangeable Probes, True HD, customizeable sizes and diameters. Our VPI is the next step in Bore.. Product #: vpi 4200

3.9mm 2m Borescope VPI Series

Product Code: vpi 4200
Call for Price: (815) 477-8800

True HD Portable Video Probe. 3.9mm diameter 1.5m length scope with 4way joystick controlled articulation. 5” HD monitor. Captures HD single image and video to 32gb SD card. Built in Character generator for image capture identification. HDMI Output. Measurement Grid overlay for measurements with on screen known value. 6 Hrs. lithium Ion battery Adjustable LED Lighting. Interchangeable scopes can be added to change diameter, lengths,90 degree view or for instant repair exchange. Includes SD card Reader,heavy duty carrying case. Or optional Pelican case.Full 2 year parts and labor warranty.

2.4mm 2.8mm 3.9mm 6mm and 8mm and 90 degree interchangeable scope options. In under 10 seconds, you can go from a 3.9mm to a 2.8 with 4-way articulation, or a 7mm scope with UV inspection lighting. With Interchangeable probes and JME carrying a large stock, theres no downtime for a major repair. Very popular for Aviaition.

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