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JME Technologies offers a full selection of borescope rental equipment for all of your applications.Often funds are not available for purchasing new equipment but your emergency inspection requirements must be maintained. By offering our customers the highest quality rental borescopes we can solve your emergency inspection.

Borescope rentals: daily, weekly, monthly, and rent to own options are available. 100's of rental borescopes and pipe inpection cameras are in stock

Rental borescopes in the Chicago area and midwest can be solved by one of our technicians actually deliverying and setting up the equipment same day within hours. Other emergency applications, our same day shipping can solve your immediate need.

Rigid, flexible, video probes, video sytems, and pipe inspection cameras all with digital capture are off the shelf items ready for you emergency borescope rental.

JME Technnologies offers rental borescopes for all of your applications. Aircraft manufacturer approved scopes,high production with heavy use, or 100 ft pipe inspection cameras we have it in stock ready for you.

For 24 hour borescope rental assistance. Call us at 815-341-9192

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