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Blending Borescopes

JME Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of engine approved borescope blending kits.

Call for Price: (815) 477-8800

VPVT Series Portable Video Probes

Ergonomically Friendly and High Quality Portable Video Probe. Servo-Driven Articulation at 120 or more degrees. Large Screen and saves photos and videos to an SD Card.

Call for Price: (815) 477-8800

VPG Series Portable Video Probes

VPG is an easy to use borescope. handheld, photo and video saved to an SD card. the probe is a woven tungsten sheathing, and the light source is 5 LED's at the tip of the probe. This scope is perfect for quick and easy inspection especially when you're on a ladder or other hard to reach inspections. 

Call for Price: (815) 477-8800

2.4 & 2.8mm VPVT Series Video Probe

The VPVT 2.4mm borescope and 2.8mm borescope are unique items. This small of a diameter for a video probe is rare, let alone the fact that both of these units articulate 2 way, and capture photo and video to an SD card. There aren't many products of its kind, especially at this price. 

Call for Price: (815) 477-8800

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