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Borescope Accessories From Pratt and Whitney Guide Tubes, to Magic arms to hold your borescopes, JME Technologies wants to.. Product #: BA

Borescope Accessories

Product Code: BA
Call for Price: (815) 477-8800

JME Technologies offers a wide variety of accessories to maximize your borescope ease of use and operations.

  • Our Richard Wolf Borescope viewing angle adaptors allow our aircraft and manufacturing customers easy eye access for crystal clear viewing.
  • Magic arms and super clamps allow easy fixturing for hand free inspection or borescope fixturing production inspection.
  • Guide tubes for PT6 engines or         semi- flexible guide tubes adding rigidity or protection of your flexible scope.
  • Borescope magnification adaptors to see a large view of even the smallest defect.
  • Custom C-mount lens or couplers to maximze the borescopes image to video.
  • Custom and Pelican Carrying Cases for full travel protection of your borescopes.
  • Call JME Technologies for all of your borescope accessories and maximize your borescopes today.

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