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JME Technologies is a worldwide supplier for over 30 years providing the highest quality borescopes ,video probes and digital video systems. With our huge inventory of 100's of borescopes in stock we can solve your application today and have the scope in your hands tomorrow.
JME Technologies is expanding opening a new sales and repair facility with a true borescope showroom to choose the best scope for your application at our site.
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Richard Borescope Rigid Borescopes   Richard Wolf  Blending Borescopes   Richard wolf Video Probe Borescope Kits
High quality rigid borescopes for a variety of non destructive ...
RICHARD WOLF manufactures borescopes specifically designed for ..
Compact, portable 4mm video probe for borescope inspection ...


All units are portable and capture instant high resolution single images and video to SD card.



VPVT Series -----VPG Series -------VPD Series                     

Diameter ----------4m-6mm -----------------6mm --------------------------6,8mm

Length --------------1.5-3m -------------------1.5-3m -------------------1.5-8m(with Articulation)

Articulation --4-Way Servo Motor ----4-Way Joystick ----4-Way Dial Double Jointed

Articulation --------120° ---------------------120° --------------------------180°

Battery --------Lithium Ion ---------Rechargable or AA ------------6-8 Hour Lithium Ion

 ---------------Most Popular ---------Lowest Cost Model ------------Most Durable Model


 ---------    8495.00                 3995.00                     9495.00                         Based on 4-6mm 1,5m                                                                   Based on 6-8mm 1.5m


              Ask for good customer, Government, and quantity discounts.

           All units are waterproof and offer 90 degree tips/mirrors.

All units serviced at our new world headquarters in Crystal Lake, Illinois 



MACHIDA Flexible Borescopes   MACHIDA Video Probes Borescope Kits   Light Sources for Borescope Systems
MACHIDA flexible borescopes designed for a variety of non...
New 2.3 and 3mm compact and portable video probe kits. Video ..
A variety of light sources in different Wattages and mediums. ...
Borescope Accessories    Pipe Inspection Borescope and Camera System   Borescope Rentals and Services
A wide range of accessories available for all models and manufacturers of borescopes ...
The DP-65 -Series
18cm ,24cm ,47cm interchangeable diameter cameras up to 100 ft Captures high resolution single images and video.  Our 47mm camera is moveable for 360 degree controllable from monitor. 
JME TECHNOLOGIES, INC. offers a complete line and selection of rental borescopes and On Site ...
Used Borescopes        
Demonstrator models as well as used and refurbished borescopes available for quick delivery, representing a substantial savings over new borescopes.....
We have successfully supplied on site, borescopes for over 30 years.  This success provides us with unique knowledge of borescope equipment, applications, and inspections unsurpassed in the industry.
JME Technologies is the U.S. supplier of Richard Wolf Borescopes and blending systems, manufacturers of the highest quality borescopes and blending systems for over 100 years. 
JME Technologies offers Machida flexible borescopes, digital video capture systems, light sources, and hundreds of borescope support products.
We are an approved supplier for GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, U.S. Government, and virtually all major commercial aircraft carriers.  For over  25 years, our aircraft customers have saved millions utilizing our approved patented on wing borescope blending systems.  Commercial and military aircraft and ground turbine customers continue every day to make repairs on wing without removal or overhaul of their turbine engines.
Our rigid borescopes continue to be used every day in most major commercial fleets with service and repair continually available.  By supplying the highest quality borescopes, blending systems; combining our knowledge and service, we continue to meet new challenges in the ever changing aircraft industry.

JME Technologies is an approved supplier for GM, Ford, Chrysler and their suppliers.  We have supplied unique borescope systems to meet the high production demands automotive requires.  These high production levels require the highest level of quality available to meet the application and reduce downtime or production shut down.

Whether castings with the roughest surfaces or fuel injectors with tiny access, JME Technologies continues to meet and exceed their automotive customer's inspections with the best compliment from our customers - "A job well done."
We are proud to be an approved supplier in the aircraft and automotive industry.  Each application is important to us.  Whether blending an emergency aircraft turbine blade or preventing production shut down, we continue to meet our customer's requirements for highest quality borescopes, service, and knowledge with personal care.
Contact us for your application and let us prove it!  FREE DEMONSTRATIONS 


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